How to Alphabetize In Google Docs [Quick, Easy & Simple]

  • November 14, 2020
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How To Alphabetically in Google Docs

Welcome to the solve tech, data arrangement according to alphabetically always important. Because without proper data arrangement in different document software we are always in trouble. Today we clear the most common problem of how to alphabetize in google docs. Our regular readers know we start the series of guidelines in Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Word, and MS Excel. This sorted paragraph is a part of this Google docs series. We explain in both formats, videos, and reading with screenshots.

Video of Alphabetize In Google Docs

In this, Google Docs sorted list/paragraph video the solve tech explain the arrangement of data alphabetized in google docs. While recording this tutorial we highlight all the simple points which you need to know. Hope you understand this guideline.

How To Alphabetically Arrange in Google Docs (Step-By-Step)

The way of making alphabetically in google docs are very and easy. Here I show you in a very simple and easy way step by step how you can arrange data in alphabetically sequence.

For your better understanding, I open google docs and type names of years in a list. Which you can see in the given image. Now in the main menu go to “Add-ons” and then select “Get add-ons“.

Add-ons then Get add-ons

After this, a new window is a popup where you can search for all the helpful plugins of google docs. Simply search “Sorted Paragraphs” and then select the sorted paragraphs plugin.

Now it’s time to install these add ons. Click on the install button to accept the following simple steps for attachment this plugin into your google docs.

install sorted paragraphs

Now we follow simple installation process which are similar for every one.

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click continue google docs

Select your Gmail account where you want to attached this plugin. Note we can install different add-ons plugin in different google account according to the requirements.

After following all the process go back to your google docs document file. Select all the list same as I do in the given picture. In the main menu go “Add-ons” then “Sorted Paragraphs” and select “Sort A to Z“.

After this your all the selected list are arranged alphabetically. A to Z because I select it in sorted paragraph.

Hope you enjoy this article let me know if still, you have any problem while doing alphabetized in google docs. Maybe your friends or colleges need this informational series to improve the workflow. So share this on social media and comment on your point of view about it.



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