How To Export Chrome Bookmarks Within 2 Minutes.

  • November 23, 2020
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How To Export Chrome Bookmarks Within 2 Minutes

Google Chrome is the most famous world wide web browser for all the Mobile, Windows, And IOS Devices. Most of the time we save bookmarks but import and export bookmarks is another task that we perform manually. In this article, We are going to show How To Export Chrome Bookmarks Within 2 Minutes by using 2 simple methods.

Import & Export Bookmarks Video Guideline

We create a simple video where we show you within 2 minutes about this simple and easy method. Watch this video and within 2 minutes you can understand the method of import and export bookmarks using google chrome.

We also explain these methods with the help of the pictures guideline. Also check this for more understanding or highlight the procedure.

How To Save Bookmarks File in Google Chrome

The best way to backup your Chrome bookmarks is to export them to an HTML file, So first open chrome, and here in the left corner, you can see three dots, click on it. And here you see the “Bookmarks” option, tap on it, and open Chrome’s bookmark manager. All these steps we perform in the given screenshot picture.

where are chrome bookmarks stored

When you click on the bookmark manager you find the export bookmarks options. Click the menu icon and then select Export bookmarks.

Export bookmarks

Google Chrome export the bookmarks in HTML format as we highlight in the given picture. Now you just need to save this file where you want to save it on your hard drive.

HTML format

How To Import Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Now we already have the saved HTML bookmarks file in our hard drive which we saved before. For importing this file in another google chrome application the procedure is the same. Go to bookmarks manager and then select import bookmarks as we show you in the picture.

Import bookmarks

So select the HTML file that you previously exported, and then click Open. That’s it when you click the open button google chrome understand all the HTML files and show bookmarks.

How To Restore Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Note: In case of one google chrome profile open the folder called “default”.

If you have more than one profile, open the folder which is listed with your profile name. Copy the bookmarks file and save it somewhere else where you want.

chrome bookmarks location

To restore your bookmarks, first exit or close the Chrome browser. Copy the bookmarks file and simply paste it into the default folder.

how to export bookmarks from chrome

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That’s it, readers, we hope this article is helpful for you and you understand all the simple ways of import and export bookmarks. Your comments are very important for us to understand your points and problems. Thanks for sharing this with your friends on Facebook.



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