How to show more than 50 Emails in Gmail First page.

  • October 21, 2020
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Gmail show more than 50

There are many free email services providers and the most famous one is Gmail. Gmail is provided by Google and competes with other popular services providers like Hotmail, Yahoomail, and AOL. We build the solve tech to solve all your techy problems. Today I share with you one of the most common problems faced the Gmail users. The problem is how to show more than 50 emails in Gmail or show more than 50 emails. The solution to show more than 100 emails is very simple which we share with screenshots. Before start, I would like to give you some suggested solutions related to Gmail. We are hopeful you like this thesolvetech afford.

How to show more emails in Gmail (3 Steps)

I received a lot of comments where peoples want to know how they increase the number of emails on the first page of Gmail. These steps are very simple just follow the images guideline. We are sure in the end you are able to increase the conversation of Gmail.

The steps are very simple and easy and I am sure you are able to complete it within 2 minutes only. For the First step as we now go to Gmail.

Increase Number of Email in Gmail (3 Steps)

  1. Step 1 (Click on the Gear icon).

    Click on the gear icon which you find out in the right side as we show in the screenshot.Click on the Gear icon

  2. Step 2 (See all setting).

    When you click on the gear icon then the popup window opens where you find “See all setting“. Click on it and you will go into the general setting

  3. Step 3 (Select 50 to 100).

    In a general setting, you find out this maximum page size option. There you can select 50 to 100. So Gmail shows 100 emails on the first page. Gmail Setting maximum page size

This is just 3 step setting and changes the first-page environment of your Gmail. While changing this setting if you face any kind of problem feels free to contact on the My Solution Online contact page. The solve tech support team solves your problem as soon as possible.

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