How To Change Orientation In Google Docs.

  • December 24, 2020
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how to landscape in google docs

Google docs are the most popular google tool for documentations. This Tool is widely used in a lot of fields. So the arrangement of documents makes it better looking. In today’s article, we are going to share how to make google docs landscape. Because sometimes you need to change the orientation of a document but you don’t know how to do it. Changing the orientation of a document was never easy for a newbie. Here you will find the easiest ways to change the orientation of a document. So read the full article and try to follow all the instructions given below. You can also watch the video tutorial embedded below. This tutorial will help you to understand more easily.

So changing the orientation of a document is a very easy process. Either you are working on desktop or mobile both of the ways are covered below to change orientations.

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Video Guideline: Landscape in Google Docs Within 2 Minutes

In this video, we show you how to landscape in google docs. We share a very simple and easy method to do this. Watch this video which is available here

Hope this video is really helpful for you. Don’t worry for highlight we have screenshots for both devices desktop and mobile.

How to Change the Page Orientation in Google Docs on Desktop

First, we are going to discuss the method to change the orientation of a document on the desktop. To Change google docs landscape on desktop follow the given method.

Step 1:  Click On The “File” In the left corner and open the “Page Setup” menu.

Page Setup

Step 2:   Here you have two options available for orientations. One is Portrait and second is Landscape. So simply change orientation according to your needs. After choosing one option , just click on the OK button to apply settings.


After applying all settings your document will become landscape. You can again change it to portrait mode easily by following the same process again. So this is the way to change orientation of a document.

make google docs landscape

Also, keep in mind that the whole document orientation will be changed. You can’t change the orientation of a specific part and It will be fit at any device automatically.

How to Change the Page Orientation in Google Docs on Mobile

Now here is the method to change orientation on mobile devices. You must have the google docs application installed on your mobile. Google docs application is easily available on the play store or Apple app store. This method is the same for all devices that support the google docs application.

Step 1: First of all open the document and click on the edit icon given in the bottom right corner.

Now click on 3 dots given in the top right corner of the document as shown below. And Click on the page setup.

google docs landscape

Step 2: There Will be both landscape and portrait options. Simple Change from portrait to landscape.

How To Change Orientation In Google Docs

At this time your document orientation will be changed from portrait to landscape. To make sure that your document orientation is changed, simply follow the given method.

Simply click on the three dots given in the top right corner. Then click on the Print Layout option and enable it. Now it will show your document in landscape layout. You can again follow the same method to change orientation.

Change Orientation In Google Docs

So These were the two methods that can help you to change orientation easily within a few clicks. If you are facing trouble anywhere or if you have any questions please ask in the comment section.

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