How to Change the Margins in Google Docs [Simple Way]

  • December 9, 2020
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How to change margins in google docs

How To Change The Margins In Google Docs (Using Ruler Tool)

Welcome to this article. In this article, we discuss how to change the margins in Google Docs. We will also talk about how to change top and bottom margins in Google Docs. So stay connected with this article. Basically, Google Docs is a very popular Google tool which helps you to arrange and customize your data and text files. It is mostly used in office works and stationery. Arrangements are very necessary for a document to be read easily. A Lot of people don’t know how to use Google Docs and there are lots of tutorials available on this website and this article is one of them.

Video: How to change the margins in Google Docs.

So we also provided a video that will help you to properly understand how to change margin from top and bottom in Google Docs.

Here are two ways to change margins in google docs and both of them are described below. One is to use Ruler to change margin and the second is to Use Page Setup Option to change margins.

Change Margin in Google Docs Using Page Setup Option

First of all open Google Docs. Now Open Any of Your New Document. To open Google Docs you need a google account. So make Sure you are signed in with a google account.

Now Simply Locate To File > Page Setup As Shown Below.

So there will be Two options available for you. Simply customize the margin options given in the left of Orientation. You can customize from Top, Bottom, Left and Right. Then Click OK to apply the changes.

So increasing the margin page space will be increased. And by decreasing margin page space will be decreased.

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How To Change The Margin in Google Docs (Using Ruler Tool)

There is also another way to customize margin or page space easily. Google Docs provide you ruler features to make changes in the documents. Simply follow the given screenshots.

You can see a blue ruler and here you can customize the page margin. Simple drag the ruler from Left To Right to change page spacing.

Here you can check the space from the left side as I dragged the ruler from Left To Right. As a result there is a gap produced. So this is the direct way to change margin from Left To Right. I hope it will be easy for you to follow this method.You can also watch the videos for further detail.

To Change the margin from Top To Bottom you can see a ruler also on the left side of the screen as shown below in the picture. 

Simply Drag the ruler from Top To Bottom to change its margin. There will be produced a gap from top as you drag it to bottom.

So both of these ways are very easy to change margin or spaces from any side of the document. These top and left rulers help you to increase or decrease spaces easily. In the Page Setup Options you can also make changes in the document properly. Because this option will make exact changes according to values you enter.

So I hope that this article was interesting to you. Please let us know your feedback about this article. Don’t forget to follow on Facebook for the latest information tech news.



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