Easily Deleted All Bookmarks Within 2 Clicks in Chrome

  • October 30, 2020
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Chrome bookmarks delete

Hello everyone, welcome to the solve tech. Today we learn how to delete bookmarks at once in google chrome. You can apply this method in every browser like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and UC Browser. In solve tech, we mostly cover that kind of tech-related topics. Also, check this related information. Where you learn how to import and export bookmarks in google chrome. I try to cover this topic in a few simple steps. Just follow these steps and you easily removed all the bookmarks in your browser.

How To Delete Bookmarks in Chrome

There are 3 simple ways to go bookmarks manager in chrome. All of these ways are simple and easy.

  1. Use the shortcut [Ctrl + Shift + O] and you directly go into the bookmark shortcut.
  2. In the URL tab where we type websites URL simply type “chrome://bookmark” and the bookmark manager tab open.
  3. In the right top corner of your browser have 3 dots. Press and go to bookmarks and select the bookmark manager. For your better understanding, I show you in the given screenshot how to find bookmark manager.
find bookmark manager

The first and second methods are shortcuts. The third way is manual. You can apply any of these methods and the bookmark manager window open in your browser.

bookmark manager window in chrome

In my google chrome browser, I save only 4 bookmarks. In your screen show the number of bookmarks which you are saved. It depends on how many bookmarks you save in your browser.

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This is very simple at the end of any bookmark you can see the 3 dots. Simply press on this and click on the delete option. Delete a bookmark in chrome I show you in the given screenshot please have a look.

delete a bookmark in chrome

How To Delete a Bookmark in Chrome

Now we need to select all the bookmarks at once and then we are able to delete all the bookmarks in a single click. How we do this just follow. Click on the first bookmark press and hold the shift button and select the last bookmark. So we select all the bookmarks at once. After this, you can see the delete button appear on the upper side of your selected bookmarks as I show you in the given picture.

delete all bookmarks in chrome

That’s it when you click on the delete button your all the selected bookmarks are deleted automatically. In conclusion, I am sure this article is helpful for you we also have more helpful articles on google chrome. Thanks for your reading and don’t forget to share this on social media.



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