How to Subtract in Google Sheets (In Just 2 Minutes)

  • October 20, 2020
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How to subtract in google sheets

Here in this article, I am going to show you how to subtract in Google Sheets (Easy 2 Minutes Guideline). Google Sheets allows their user to edit, organize, and analyze different types of formulas in a very easy and simple way. That’s why this article is related to the Google Sheets subtraction formula.

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel both are different software from each other. But according to the functionality, work, formulation, and calculations, their working is different. But Google sheets are the best tool that provides a shareable link for the users to share the current working sheet with different users with the permission of reading or editing. Microsoft Excel also allows us to work on a sheet with multiple users but for this purpose of work, Google sheets are more useful.

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Step 1: Data Entry or Adding Amount

First, open the Google Sheet and enter your required amount according to the requirement. An example datasheet we show you in the given Google sheets screenshot.

Data Entry

and then you select the amount that you want to subtract, the things we want to add together are all of these expenses because our income is not expensive, or income is what we are subtracting the expenses from. Again I asked this is just demo data for your understanding of the subtraction formula.

Step 2: Applying Formula Guideline

In the given picture we describe the numbers of the tab. Every Google Sheet tab have a unique number. For exmaple, Expense 1 value ($2000) tab number is B2. B is the row and colum number is 2 as you seen in the screenshot.

For applying subtraction formula I simply use the “=” sign and Write SUM. After this a dialogue guideline appear. According to the dialogue box we adding values.

Applying Formula Guideline

Step 3: Add Tab Numbers For Subtraction in the Total Amount.

Now it’s time to put the value number of the expense (1,2) tabs. In my case, my tab number is B2 and B3. For better understanding, we make a colorful guideline picture. The way of adding value inside the SUM is very simple. Add the tab number like B2 press “,” next tab number B3 and close “)” the bracket. The same thing we did in the screenshot please have a look.

google sheets subtract

Step 4: Subtract Total Amount in Expenses

Before the SUM and after the equal “=” sign we putting the tab number of total amount. In my case the monthly total income tab number is B1. So I simply put this and add the subtraction sign “-“.

Subtract Total Amount in Expenses

Step 5: Subtraction Formula Result

After all, this process simply press enter, and the subtraction result shown in your Google sheet. We perform the sampling procedure and then the final result you can check in this picture.

Subtraction Formula Result

This formula is little bit tricky. But we try our best to guide you in a very simple and creative way with examples. During applying this Google Sheet subtraction formula if you face any kind of formula problem share with us. The Solve Tech support team guide you about this and solve your problem.

Hope you learn all about how to subtract in Google Sheets We hope you enjoy this information so don’t forget to share this with your friends in social media.



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