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  • October 10, 2020
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jazz whatsapp packages

WhatsApp messenger is the most popular and famous platform for everyone. many people want to know the Jazz WhatsApp monthly package code. Jazz is one of the best networks in Pakistan and jazz provides the best packages that are affordable for their user to enjoy WhatsApp. There is a Jazz Free WhatsApp offer for you. WhatsApp has become the primary source of communication and contact with their friends and family every time. and they can share photos and make audio, video calls.

WhatsApp messenger is a text and voice messaging app that is free to download on your smartphone. It’s become an incredibly popular messenger. WhatsApp Messenger allows free service for messages and calls on both desktop and mobile devices.

Jazz offers low price packages for its valued customers to enjoy WhatsApp. These packages are only for prepaid customers, and the postpaid customer can avail of these packages. jazz offers some Daily, weekly, and monthly Jazz WhatsApp packages listed below.

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Jazz Daily WhatsApp offers

With this daily package, Jazz only offers the WhatsApp Internet pakg containing a few data and many text messages. Check Below the subscription code and the price of the Jazz Daily WhatsApp Pakg.

Daily WhatsApp PackageRs. 6*334#10MB + 1800 SMS
  • Dial code 3344# to unsubscribe this package
  • Dial 3343# to check the remaining data
  • The validity of this package is 24 hours

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Package

Jazz Weekly package, With this package Jazz, offers a WhatsApp Internet package containing very convenient and economical WhatsApp packages for their users and many text messages. Check Below the subscription detail code and the cost of the Jazz weekly WhatsApp Package.

Weekly BundleRs. 151011*07#25 + 1500 SMS
  • Dial code4# to unsubscribe these package
  • Dial code3# to check remaining SMS and data
  • Validity of this package is 7 days

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package

In the Monthly Whatsapp package, Jazz offers a WhatsApp Internet package containing superb Internet Whatsapp package for a month for their users and many text messages. Check Below the price subscription code and the incentives of the Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Package.

Monthly Whatsapp PackageRs. 701011*02#5000 MB + 12000 SMS
  • Dial 1014*02# to unsubscribe the Jazz Monthly Whatsapp package
  • Dial 1013*02# to check remaining SMS and Internet data
  • For more details about the Monthly Package visit Jazz official site here.

Term and Conditions
There are Some terms and conditions are given below.

Re. 5/MB will apply if you don’t have any internet package.
The offer is subject to change at any time without any notice.
Rs. 0.06 are the charges to check the remaining Internet MB and validity.
The actual internet speed will depend on a variety of factors, such as devices, pages visited, distance to 2G / 3G and 4G positions, and more.
Unreasonable calls and SMS can be reported by sending a sender’s number (SPACE) to 9000 – PTA

Jazz Free WhatsApp package

In this jazz free Whatsapp package, Jazz gives you free Whatsapp data for you can enjoy the 4G network and Mbs on WhatsApp. The validity of this package is 30 days.

subscribe to the offer dial *499#

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