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Dear user, we have a simple privacy policy of this website to make your experience better and improve our information services. If you are using our websites then you must follow our privacy policy. Otherwise, we are able to block your IP Address from this website and you are not able to access The Solve Tech.

What kind of information did we share on this website?

Our aim is to provide you the right information in the right place. That’s why we talk to the point and give you the right information.

  1. Blogging Tips, WordPress, Blogspot, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogger Designs and much more about it.
  2. Social Media Tips, How can we use social media and improve our social accounts.
  3. How to make money online with the internet, How to make money online without paying anything.
  4. Information Technology, How to can we solve problems we facing while browsing.

What can we do for you?

All the information we will provide you is our self-making. You can comment in the comment section and share your problem while using our website The Solve Tech. We will reply to you as soon as possible and try to solve it. It makes your experience better and improves your experience in our site.

How can you use

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  2. Your comment must be related to our post.
  3. If you have any problem or any complain while using this website you can simply contact me on Contact US Page. Otherwise, send me a direct message on my this email address.

Email:  [email protected]

Without our permission, you cannot share third-party website link on our website. But if it is necessary and without sharing link out point not clear then we allow it. Otherwise, your comments are not approved.


The cookie is a very small file and the browser can use it to improving your site or advertising experience. We will use cookies in the future.

Change privacy policy.

We will change our privacy policy at any time. But when we change it we will notify you here.

Terms and conditions.

We hope you will follow our privacy policy while using our websites

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We have the right to delete, block your comment. So we will hope you cannot break our privacy policy.