How To Send Message Someone on Reddit

  • October 28, 2020
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How To Easily Message Someone on Reddit

After seeing a massive demand for this question people are asking Reddit users, the question is how to send messages on Reddit. And it’s a direct message is also called dm, dm anybody on Reddit.

So, I’m going to show you exactly how to send a message on Reddit. But be aware and to be careful using this feature. I would recommend using the message feature, which is very easy to do.

Video: Send Someone A Message on Reddit.

Follow this video simple guideline and understand the sending of private message on Reddit. While making this video we highlight all the points to make sure you send message easily in reddit.

In the first step, we go to Reddit and select any profile. In your case, you select your recommended profile according to your question or requirement. Just for your guideline we simply go to any community on Reddit and select any random profile.

how to pm someone on reddit

When we click on the profile then this type of Reddit user profile window appears on your screen.

how to message someone on reddit

And when I’m going to his profile page. and here you see the chat option. So you can chat with the selected person easily.

reddit private messages

The method of sending messages in the Reddit mobile application also the same. Just select the profile and you easily find the chat option. I think inside the Reddit mobile application chat is more easy and simple.

If you have any questions and want someone to answer you, I recommend you chat with him/her directly via dm (direct message). So you can see, once I click more option buttons, Here in the screenshot, you can check we find the option of sending a message. Just click on the message and now I can directly send him messages.

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That’s it we hope you enjoy this simple and easy way of dm someone on Reddit. I am sure this article is really helpful for you because of its simplicity. Our other articles in the solve tech also the same. We hope this Reddit tip is helpful for your social media friends who want to join you on Reddit. So don’t forget to share this with your social media friends.



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