What Happened to Flashlight on my iPhone.

  • October 24, 2020
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What Happened to Flashlight on my iPhone.

In today’s article, I am going to show you how to fix an iPhone camera flashlight if it’s not working. This is the common error which most iPhone users faced that’s why today we talk about the solution of the iPhone flashlight.

Solution1: Close the Camera App from the Recent App.

Close the Camera App from the Recent App.

Simply close the “Camera app” and press the “Home Button“. Here you can see recently low steps you have to swipe up the camera app to close. Again open the camera app and check the flashlight.

Solution2: Force Restarts your iPhone Device.

If you’re using iPhone six and earlier, press and hold the Power Button” until the Apple logo appears. If you’re using an iPhone 7 and upgraded devices like 7 Plus, simple press and hold the side button and volume down button until your device Apple logo appears. If you’re using iPhone eight plus or change the test volume button and we clearly see it next press the volume down button and quickly release it at last press and hold the Power button until in your device Apple logo appears.

Notes: Don’t press the volume up and volume down button at the same time.

Solution3: Reset All the iPhone Settings.

what happened to my flashlight on my iPhone

Go to “Settings”. And tap “General” and scroll down then press “Reset”. Tap “Reset all settings” and delivery restrictions passcode. You can click Reset all settings in the pop-up box. Again click Reset all settings in the pop-up box to confirm. After doing this, restart your iPhone again and open settings. Go to general scroll down and search shut down and click the shut down option the slider appears to turn off your device. You can turn off your device and wait for a few seconds. And again to turn on your device press and hold the Power button until in your device Apple logo appears. Which means your phone is starting.

Solution4: Turn on LED flashlights in the Alert setting.

where did my iPhone flashlight go

Open “Settings” then go to “General” and click on it and here you find “Accessibility” then click on it and Scroll down the page and tap LED flash for alerts. So turn on LED flash for alerts.

Solution5: Turn off low power mode.

my flashlight disappeared on my iPhone

Sometimes flashlights don’t work in low power mode so you have to turn it off. Go to “Settings” and tap the “Battery” and here you see the low power mode option click it to turn off low power mode.

Solution6: Turn off Do Not Disturb.

Turn off Do Not Disturb.

If “Do Not Disturb mode” is on led flashing not working so turn off do not disturb mode. For turn, off do not disturb mode option. Go to “Settings” and find the option of “Do Not Disturb” here this mode is on just turn it off.

Solution7: Software updates.

Check the latest software updated on your iPhone when it is available. First, connect your iPhone to cellular data or WIFI. And then open “Settings”. Go to the “General” setting and click the “Software Update”. If any software update is available here you just click download and install. Then you can follow the latest instructions to update.

Software updates

Solution8: Restore Your Device.

Restore your device before restoring the backup you would wait for because it will erase the phone’s data. Connect your iPhone to Mac via USB cable to restore Your Device. Then open iTunes on your Mac and select the iPhone icon at the top. Click the Summary tap. Next click Restore iPhone now your phone will be restored. Finally, you have to select Setup as the new iPhone.

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After applying all the solutions we hope your iPhone flashlight problem is solved. But if you face any problem feel free to contact on The Solve Tech contact page. For more interesting information follow us on Twitter and don’t forget to share this information with iPhone users.



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