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  • October 19, 2020
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zong whatsapp packages

Zong 4G, is a Pakistan based mobile data network operator who introduces the best 4G internet service in Pakistan. Some of us like to browse and  stream content using mobile data and some might like to connect their loved ones in social media. Zong provides the best and affordable whatsapp packages for their users.

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Zong Daily WhatsApp Package

Zong offers low price packages for its valued customers to enjoy whatsapp. This bundle offers some WhatsApp data and some SMS for a day. Check detail.

Daily WhatsApp PackageRs.530 MB Data for WhatsApp, 1 MB Internet & 500 SMS*700#
  • To Subscribe Send < sub> to 700 and reply with 1.
  • To Unsubscribe Send ‘unsubscribe’ to 700

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package

In zong weekly whatsapp packages, Zong offer an internet package with 1500 SMS and 200 MBs for Whatsapp. Check detail subscription code and cost.

Weekly Whatsapp BundleRs.21200 MB Data for WhatsApp & 1500 SMS*702#
  • To Subscribe Send < sub> to 700 and reply with 2.
  • To Unsubscribe Send ‘unsubscribe’ to 700

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Packages

Zong offers an WhatsApp monthly Package bundle allowing you to use all the features of WhatsApp in which WhatsApp Calls (both voice and videos) text, sharing media, and all for a very affordable price. Check Below the price subscription code and the incentives of Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package.

Monthly Whatsapp PackageRs.384 GB Data for WhatsAppTo Subscribe, Dial = *247# .
  • To check remaining data Dial *102#

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